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New Jersey, USA (PRWEB) June 30, 2013

ROI has developed an advanced physical inventory counting program, which counts all the products available in the inventory with absolute precision, accuracy and speed. The specially tailored program rules out the “one fits all” policy and specially customizes the program to suit the depth of clients inventory needs and the available budget. The program is a combination of human as well as technological advances, which focuses on eliminating the chances of error. ROI’s specialized staff, customized computer software and highly efficient methods can facilitate a quick and easy count of the goods in the inventory.

A typical annual physical inventory day means a long-working “Saturday” for the salaried employees and the warehouse workers. While some bring a long face to work, others are ready with excuses to leave early or not attend the day at all. As the sun goes down, so does the number of people counting the goods. Thus, as the end of the day gets closer, the pressure on the employees increases. With the huge pile of discrepancies, it seems impossible to get out of the factory on time. Then begins the manipulation work, the counting employees try and manipulate the data such that it looks fit and fine to the eyes of the boss. Therefore, the very essence of the physical inventory day is lost. There is bound to be unreliability in data. Besides, the employees are just there for the extra-perks. Since the work is not performed to satisfaction, the errors in counting could turn out to be a huge loss for the company. Therefore, the better idea would be to hire “physically inventory services”. This could save a lot of precious time and money.

ROI has the best of technology, methodology and professionally qualified staff that make physical inventory counting more accurate and reliable. This physical inventory company employs a unique approach to counting. First, a team is split into two groups. Former group scans through every item in the lot, while the latter simultaneously punches the code on each item into a physical inventory gun. Then, the two groups compare the data; if it tallies, they proceed to the other sections of the inventory. If not, they try and remove the discrepancy, before proceeding to the next section of the inventory. This unique method of “Count and Check” promotes the accuracy and accountability of the results. Besides, the data can also be easily verified using the unique ROI audit trail.

About ROI inventory:

ROI inventory is a leading physical inventory service provider with headquarters in Hackensack, New Jersey. Founded initially with the sole mission of facilitating retail vertical markets with accurate and reliable inventory counts, ROI inventory is now among the top players of the industry. The use of cutting-edge technology with innovation has brought ROI inventory a step closer to perfection in counting of goods, while simultaneously satisfying the diverse inventory needs of the customers business. The specially tailored inventory programs and professionally qualified staff at ROI inventory are rigorously trained to leave no room for error at all costs. ROI travels across US to provide its clients with a reliable, fast and highly accurate physical inventory count.

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