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Lewisberry, PA (PRWEB) May 01, 2014

To make installation easier, Butler Mobility has added a modular plug to the control tube wiring assembly in the power unit of all wheelchair lifts. One plug replaces the 8 separate wire nuts and wire connections. No more wasting time matching the different colored wires. Just use the plug and jack already installed and it’s done.

No more calling the factory for wiring schematics and diagrams. A copy of the wiring diagram is in a sealed pouch inside the power unit cover. The company has also attached a “quick view” wiring diagram to the top plate inside of the power unit. This makes troubleshooting any potential wiring problems much easier, faster, and more reliable. Updated pictures and diagrams in the Installation Guide make it easier to test the lift during the installation process.

Wheelchair lift passengers can now recover from the platform over travel directly from the control arm joystick on the platform. The new procedure eliminates the need to move back and forth from the top landing call button to the platform to back down form over-travel. The wheelchair lift will be stopped by the over-travel switch if the upper limit switch fails to operate. Opening the over-travel switch renders the lift inoperative until the failure is corrected; one option is to press the platform emergency stop and then hold the joystick down for 10 seconds. The platform will travel slightly downward until the over-travel switch closes or for a maximum of one second. Normal operation may then be resumed by twisting and pulling the platform E-stop switch out.

Butler Mobility lifts are known in the industry as “The Lift that Lasts”. Our platform lifts are proudly made in the USA. Call us toll free at 888-847-0804 and see if we can help you with your home lift needs, or visit us on our website at

Contact your installer/service technician immediately for evaluation and service. The new instructions are in the updated Butler Mobility User Guide.

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