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Incline Village, NV (PRWEB) June 30, 2013

In the spring of 2013, U.S. Sunlight released the patented, industry first, low-profile Spectrum Skylight Tubes with a passive ventilation option. The positive response to the Spectrum Skylight Tubes has taken the industry by storm. With the ease of installation, impressive light output and unique capability to offer passive ventilation when it’s wanted and energy efficiency when it’s needed, the Spectrum Skylight Tube is the perfect solution to increase natural lighting within a home, office, public building or warehouse.

Now, the rigid tube option allows for installations requiring longer tube lengths than the standard 8 feet for the 14″ dome, 10 feet for the 18″ dome and 12 feet for the 21″ dome. Additionally, warehouse kits are available with the rigid tube option. Instead of the traditional installation with the tube channeling the daylight through an attic space, the rigid tube offers the option to simply channel the light down from a high ceiling, such as in a warehouse environment.

President of U.S. Sunlight Corp, Robert Buckley, states, “The rigid tube option for the Spectrum Skylight Tubes includes Angle Adapters and two-foot straight tube sections that can be combined to suit almost any installation purpose. With the great response we have seen for the Spectrum Skylight Tubes, from DIY home improvements to the recent installation on Hawaiian schools, we are pleased to offer the rigid tube option for increased versatility of almost any installation need.”

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