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PRLogApr. 1, 2015GHAZIABAD, is a reliable name in IT development sector, releases an employee attendance tracking system for multiple industries which identifying arrival and departure time of each and every employee easily. Organizations needs to check in-out time of employee’s, leaves taken by them, holidays and late marks etc which helps in smooth functioning of their business organizations. The DRPU employee planner monitors attendance, absentee, holiday’s record etc of whole staff database. The employee tracking information covers the requirements of Human resource department for inspecting workforce details and information easily.

Employee Attendance tracker is available in affordable with pleasant interface which supports all sized business organization for managing employee details and track their performance. The business utility is used to keep employee day-to-day activities at single place with security. The company admin with password to enter into the database has authority to edit and update the employee information significantly. The information related to business interest like payrolls, increment/decrement, leave, tax and allowances etc can be used to track the business information easily. All the records generated by the software are easily printed with the inbuilt printing settings in this business utility.

For understanding the software working please go through this video

Different modules of the software for Managing Businesses

1.Company: Using this module user can create a new company, edit it, delete any company or take back-up of restored company.

2.   Master: Master module helps to manage and adjust information like scheduling shifts, leave settings, attendance records, and tax and allowance management in simple and significant manner.

3. In-Out box: This module helps to track the spending hours of the employee in an organization.

4.Attendance: Attendance records are managed in this integrated module which tracks the complete attendance data of whole employee.

5.Shift Schedule: This module helps to schedule employee working hours and assigning shifts to different employee.

6.  Leave: The leave module manage the leaves assigned to an employee. User may add leave to employee using employee ID and have the authority to approve it.

7.Tour and Training : Tour and Training department of the software is helpful in managing the employee

8.Expenses and Increment/Decrement: Expenses and increments/decrement details can be managed by the software in easy way.

9.  Payroll: The last module of the software is payroll that generates the salary of different employees accurately. Through this module user can generate the pay slip of any user in simple and significant manner.

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