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PRLog (Press Release)May 31, 2013 -A diabetic diet is not as restrictive as you might believe. However, you need to pay a lot of attention to the foods you eat, to their carbohydrate content and to the regularity of the meals.

There are some foods which you definitely need to avoid if you have been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The most important ones are simple carbohydrates. Not all carbohydrates are bad for your body and you can’t exclude them completely. Your body needs carbohydrates because they are the ones which actually turn into energy and provide fuel for your normal activities. You have to learn how to make the difference between simple carbohydrates (the ones which boost your energy for a short while and deliver lots of sugar in the blood at once) and complex carbohydrates (the ones which provide constant energy and gradually release sugar in the blood).

Simple carbohydrates are found in refined sugar, fructose, glucose and any foods containing these ingredients. Pay attention to foods with added sugar and to sweet beverages or alcoholic drinks. Avoid sweets, candies, sodas and any other sugary products. Also avoid white bread, white pasta, white rice and potatoes. Replace them with whole wheat bread or pastry products, with sweet potatoes or brown rice.

Just as dangerous as refined sugar, saturated and trans fats should also be eliminated from the diet if you suffer of type 2 diabetes. They are usually found in products of animal origin like meat, sausages, ham, fatty dairy products etc. Fats are equally important for the body, but they have to come from healthy sources. Saturated and trans fats can be successfully substitute with fats from fish, nuts or olive oil. Diabetic patients are at risk for heart disease, cardiovascular problems and various other complications. Eliminating unhealthy fats from the diet will not only help them keep blood sugar levels down, but will also prevent cardiovascular complications.

Foods rich in cholesterol should be monitored closely and limited as much as possible because high levels of cholesterol are commonly found in diabetic patients. Increased cholesterol is very dangerous because it can determine a multitude of other health problems. Salt is not a danger for diabetics from the point of view of the blood sugar, but its intake can be limited. Salt and high blood pressure are strongly connected and there is no point in increasing the already high risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Generally speaking, these are the main rules that someone with type 2 diabetes should take into account. A nutritionist can come up with more exact rules, but the bottom line is that living with diabetes is possible without a lot of restrictions. If you want to make sure your blood sugar level is under control, you can use Diabkil capsules together with a healthy diet. They are great in reducing blood sugar, in supporting the metabolism of glucose in the body, in regenerating pancreatic cells and in preventing diabetes complications. visite… for more information.

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