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PRLog (Press Release) – Feb. 1, 2013 – Children’s tooth development begins at quite an early stage, since their birth while the baby is in the womb. Teething is a vital part of any child’s development between the ages of six and nine months. Children have their full set of 20 primary teeth milk teeth, baby teeth or deciduous teeth and this is availed by the age of three years. Finally at the age of six years, the first permanent tooth erupts. Children should receive proper dental treatment from a young age. Las Vegas Dental clinic is the place that is the place for all professional dentists who are committed in providing the best dental treatment. Children’s Dentistry is the perfect place that believes that children should have a easy dental experience.  This dentistry focuses on children from 1 year to 18 years old, and also aim at special needs of the patients.

At this Children’s dentistry clinic, there is an expert Las Vegas Dentist, who along with his team members provide facility for proper treatment of the children. The team includes proficient pediatric dentists, general dentists, and dentist anesthesiologists who work together to prevent dental decay and restoration of your child’s teeth. This Dentistry is bent on making a child’s first dental visit a enjoyable. This place is equipped with all kinds of children motivational products. A child gets to enjoy toys, movies, and video games on their first visit at the dentistry. This makes them to get rid of their anxiety.  Most importantly, the office is also decorated with all child friendly themes.

Dr. Delisle is among the popular Las Vegas Dentist, he is dedicated in making your child feel comfortable on his first visit. He is an expert dentist who tries to bring about a positive dental attitude.  The treatment includes examination of child’s teeth, followed by, X rays, cleaning, and fluoride during the first appointment. The treatment procedure is very detailed; it is carried according to the mental and physical condition of a patient.  Treatments include cleanings, Sealants, Fillings and Extractions. Pediatric Dentistry is a huge field that involves the correction of children’s teeth.

The Las Vegas Dentist is also expert in Sedation techniques that range from light to deep and general anesthesia. This is a procedure that is administered by Board Certified Dental Anesthesiologist, Dr. Steven DeLisle, DDS.  Child’s sedation services are designed according to a child’s specific needs, height, weight and medical wellness.

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