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PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 01, 2012
Mona Clayton, RN will host the “Surviving the Journey: From Student To Nurse” seminar at Inglewood Main Library, 101 West Manchester Blvd,  Inglewood, California. at 5:00 PM.  The seminar will take place in the conference room.
Ms. Clayton, and a panel of Nursing Professionals will talk about overcoming challenges and obstacles and how a career in nursing can be the vehicle to help them make a better life for themselves.  Although, the target audience for  the       “Surviving The Journey Tour” is single mothers, the public is invited to attend this free event.                      
When Mona Clayton became a registered nurse, she did so to make a better life for her and her daughter.  The single mother was determined to show her daughter what could be accomplished through hard work and dedication.  
It has been more than 10 years since Ms. Clayton has passed her California state nursing exam and  not only has she had  a successful nursing career,  she has obtained her Bachelor of  Science degree and started her own company, Nurses Roc 2 Publishing.
“The vision of Nurses Roc 2 Publishing is twofold” states Ms. Clayton.  “To bring awareness about the nursing profession and its many opportunities and to publish books and promote seminars and workshops that will help nursing students accomplish their goals.”
One resource published by “Nurses Roc” is “From Student to Nurse, Surviving the Journey” the highly successful debut book by Mona Clayton.  Regarded as a must have by many nursing professionals, “From Student to Nurse” is a common sense guide for nursing students to help eliminate some of the anxiety associated with entering  this exciting field.
“I took my personal experiences and created a guide that has helped nursing students around the world” said Ms. Clayton.  
Because of the popularity of “Surviving the Journey” Ms. Clayton is launching a 2012 speaking and book signing tour to promote the benefits of a career in nursing.
The “The  Surviving The  Journey” Tour  featuring Mona Clayton kicked off in January at the Long Beach Job Corps.  She will also visit nursing schools, colleges and host seminars with the goal of reaching 100,000 single mothers and convincing them that nursing is one of the most rewarding careers in the world.
Register to attend via email at, Facebook or by calling 1-866-676-2286.
If you would like to have Mona Clayton RN, BSN, speak at your school or event call The Red Letter Agency at              (213)444-9444 or Nurses Roc at 1-866-676-2286.


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