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PRLog (Press Release)Nov 30, 2012
Las Vegas, Nevada -November 30, 2012- announced today the DePuy and Johnson & Johnson Hip Implant and Recall settlement amounts still remain in question even after 3 cases have settled for approximately $200K each in a Las Vegas, Nevada State Court cases. has previously stated that they believe more cases will start to settle in 2013, but the settlement value of the cases still remains a mystery and probably will be tough negotiations between the steering committee and DePuy’s lawyers.  There are now close to 8K DePuy cases filed in the courts and many people still looking for a lawyer if their hip just recently became defective. has urged clients that have called in for questions about the DePuy litigation to hire a law firm as time is ticking to file a DePuy claim.  And has tried to assist clients with finding the right law firm regardless if they have an ASR model or Pinnacle model.  

The Pinnacle model has not be recalled yet, but has lawyers who are taking those cases and the lawsuit funding company expects the Pinnacle suits to be even larger than the ASR’s if the Pinnacle model is ultimately recalled.  DePuy has maintained that the Pinnacle model is safe, yet its metal on metal design is very similar to that of the ASR.  And the Pinnacle model does create the same metal poisoning as the the ASR.  

There were well over 100K Pinnacle model’s implanted, so that litigation could be bigger than the ASR model down the road.  Client’s who have a Pinnacle model and are having side effects can file a claim now if they wish, regardless of the recall.  

However, the main question still remains a mystery and that is: what will the average settlement value be for a DePuy case? says that question most likely will not be answered until early to mid 2013.  

If you are suffering from side effects from a DePuy hip implant and need lawsuit funding, feel free to contact on the web or on their toll free hotline at 877.571.0405 where agents are available 24 hours a day.  

Or if you have questions about the litigation or need an attorney referral you can contact as well online or at 877.571.0405.  Where experienced agents can answer all your DePuy questions.

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