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PRLog (Press Release)Nov 30, 2012
Adisi Health is a new chiropractic clinic that has set up shop in the Willowbrook / Burr Ridge area in Illinois. As a business, they aim to provide outstanding quality care to patients from all walks of life. With their business launch, they aim to revolutionize the chrioractic industry through offering quality and affordability – something which no other business seems to be able to mimic. Run by none other than Dr. Steve Petzel, the clinic will cater for the needs of people who may be struggling with problems with as back pain, neck pain, disc herniation or sports injuries.

Adisi Health is proud to announce that they will be running a promotion during their opening period. New patients and customers who want to get a feel for Adisi Health will be treated with a one hour massage session for $35. This offer only applies to new patients of the clinic and is set to run for a limited time. The massage will give customers an insight into how Adisi Health is different, and the quality of service they are currently offering patients within the Willowbrook, Burr Ridges and Claredon Hills areas.

To learn more about Adisi Health, and their revolutionary methods for tackling problems such as bodily pain or sports injuries, head over to:

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