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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 01, 2012

Recent information from shows a high unemployment rate is an indicator of many trends–including the rate of coupon usage in the purchase of “adult wellness” products. What is adult wellness? It’s exactly what one might think it is: retailers that specialize in erotic products. From lingerie to videos and everything in between, an economic slow-down means a boom for the purveyors of the erotic. According to’s Carmine Barbetta, the adult coupons are flying off the e-shelves. “So many people are out of work that they’re clearly turning towards the oldest, yet unsurprisingly popular pastime” said Barbetta.

Over the past four years, the use of coupons on adult products has almost exactly mirrored the seasonal unemployment rate. Peaking in October of 2009, reports that their visitors have still been redeeming well over 12,000 adult coupons a month even as the job markets grow marginally more optimistic. Asked if he was concerned that more people going back to work would hurt the industry Barbetta replied, “I think there will always be a demand for these products.”

For more complete details, see or, if you yourself are unemployed, check out their selection of coupons for Adan & Eve or Babeland. Please direct all media inqueries to Carmine Barbetta at or (818) 932-8465

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