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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 30, 2014

Cosmetic specialists have found it especially hard to combat fraudulent reviews from their competitors when most real patients prefer to remain anonymous. Many patients who have had surgery want others to think that their results are completely natural which means choosing not to be forthcoming about their procedure. Cosmetic Town’s authentication process ensures that these patients can write about their doctors without compromising their anonymity. Meanwhile, users who misrepresent themselves are identified and filtered out of the system.

Cosmetic Town wants to reward those doctors who provide excellent results consistently, but it also offers the opportunity for beginning doctors, along with those introducing new procedures into their practice, to build their reputation organically. These doctors will benefit from the qualified endorsement of their clients and colleagues. Professionals can also submit articles which highlight their credentials and experience from years of cosmetic medical practice.

Doctors realize that patients have to work harder to sift through the misinformation that is prevalent online which may delay their decision to receive their cosmetic surgery indefinitely. Other patients are uncomfortable getting a professional opinion before reading about their choices from the comfort of their home. Cosmetic Town will help these individuals connect with the right doctor who could answer their questions. Cosmetic Town Professionals can also answer customer reviews or participate in Cosmetic Town’s interactive forum which addresses customers’ most important questions and concerns. These topics will include information about a variety of treatments as well as the risks, benefits, and complications of every cosmetic procedure.

Cosmetic Town also allows doctors, including those who specialize in plastic surgery, anti-aging treatment, hair restoration, cosmetic dentistry, and facial and body modification to meet with their patients online or schedule an in person consultation. For doctors, the ability to prescreen potential clients has never been this easy.

About Cosmetic Town:
Cosmetic Town is the only cosmetic industry site which authenticates both doctors and real patients. The site features doctors that have been carefully reviewed and endorsed by their peers making it easy for users to find the most qualified and highly recommended cosmetic doctors in their area. Users can also read about the latest news in plastic surgery, anti aging treatment, hair restoration, cosmetic dentistry, and facial and body modification at Cosmetic Town Journal.

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