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New York City, NY (PRWEB) November 01, 2012

Drawing from a systematic review of previously published studies done by the American Institute for Research and other organizations, Ultimate Vocabulary has verified the fact that the more versatile the core curriculum, the better the chances that English language learners will succeed in their mastery of English.

It’s important that instructors take into consideration the needs and limitations of English language learners in order for them to equally benefit from the knowledge available. For instance, it has been found that when learners of English as a second language get extensive teaching in their mother tongue, this greatly benefits their performance when learning English. This result comes from a phenomenon called “knowledge transference.”

As Ultimate Vocabulary founder Marc Slater noted regarding these findings, “Efficient learning is no longer about specialization and exhaustive focus on the item being learned, it’s more about getting a comprehensive overview of knowledge. Be it math, physics, or language arts, everything can potentially contribute in the learning and absorption of knowledge in other academic areas. The times when we thought specialization was crucial are long gone. Now we know for sure how a versatile curriculum is far more effective than any other highly-praised technique or learning theory.”

Knowledge transference is the major argument of this review; learners are capable of transferring knowledge about patterns and rules from one language to another, through assumptions and trial and error techniques. This leads to an accelerated pace of learning, as well as the tendency to self-driven learning, which is always more efficient than passive learning is.

“The concept of language transference theoretically means we can improve on our second and third language skills much faster and more precisely than previously thought. Vocabulary improvement is one such aspect of language learning, where transference is welcome and highly efficient,” says Slater. “Common roots and the fact that languages ‘borrow’ words from one another create a shared pool of vocabulary items. For example, If you know 3,000 words in English, you’ll likely have the ability to master at least 1,500 French words due to the commonalities. Language transference is pretty impressive in this respect.”

Learning vocabulary can prove to be a smart way to take advantage of knowledge transference, requiring minimum effort. Because vocabulary is a component of every other educational field, schools need to carefully consider enriching their core curricula to incorporate this aspect of learning, for their students’ benefit.

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