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Vancouver, BC (PRWEB) April 30, 2013

There are plenty of websites on the Internet that rank things by how good they are. These sites also let people complain and say if something is bad.

Now there is a website devoted exclusively to telling the world how bad things are. is the brainchild of Dekker Fraser. He said he created the site because he periodically buys something that spectacularly fails to live up to the sales hype.

“Yes, I could go on places like Amazon, Yelp and so on and post my feedback and negative review. But that just wasn’t enough for me. I needed to do more than just vent. I wanted a place that was exclusively for the crap in my life,” he said.

The website is simple. Just visit and look over the submissions. If you agree with what the original poster has to say, vote “dislike” to bump it up in the ratings.

“See what the original poster has to say. If you agree, then give it a thumbs down. The more dislikes something gets, the higher it will rise in the rankings,” Mr. Fraser said. “You don’t even have to log in to hit the dislike button. Just click it. You do have the chance to spread the word, if you want to, with Twitter and LinkedIn. But you don’t have to.”

Users can even add their own comments.

“If you have used the same product, share your feelings about it,” he said. “Here’s your chance to tell the world in a place where people go to hear about the bad stuff.”

Adding an item to the list is likewise easy. Just click “Submit A Product” at the top. The website then asks for the product name. Then, list the reasons it “sux.” Users can browse the Internet for an image of the product to post with the review.

“No sign up needed,” Mr. Fraser said. “I think that’s important. I hate having to create a new account just to post my opinion somewhere. I just want to have my say and be done with it.”

Because there’s no signup needed, users won’t be spammed with email from the website.

“Your information is yours. Your privacy is yours. All I want is a tiny bit of information about whatever in your life is giving you headaches. Then, my website shares only that information with the world,” he said.

For more information or to tell the world “this sux because,” visit

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